Video Workouts, Private Training & More

We currently run a health & fitness group with 2,422 members. All dedicated to living healthier, more fulfilled lives.

We may all have different workouts and health challenges but the one thing we do is support one another.

Now that our Health Challenge is under way, we have a cool way to help you get the support & accountability you need, beyond the group.

We now have a workout video portal you can become a member of.

I know, in my own health journey, I’ve only accomplished my goals when I had the support.

That’s why I thought we should meet every week, and share our health goals.

We can talk about what’s working for our community and hear from other members on what is working for them.

You can join these sessions by video or by dialing in. Which makes them simple to connect to and get right about your health wherever you are!

Becoming a member is easy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create an account here.
  2. Join our private FB health group.
  3. Post an image of one meal you eat a day.
  4. Take & upload a 10 second to 30 second video as often as you workout in the private FB health group.

Follow those 4 steps above and find yourself connecting to all different types of people, all ready to cheer you and health goals on.

You will be added to our health group once you become a member.

Regardless if you are starting out, or have been working out every day for the past several years, we welcome you.

We welcome you to achieve new results and see new gains.

Here’s to establishing a healthy lifestyle.

From the inside out.

Already taking the health challenge? Email me your full name, & email address of yourself and any team members you want to add to our video portal.

Email them to members(@)