We are excited!

We are excited!

Welcome to our brand new health website/blog. So far, we are getting everything ready for our 30 day health challenge! I’ve already begun working with people who have serious health goals on the best approaches infused with modern day technology and easy-to-do-anywhere workouts.

Here’s what we are currently working on:

  • A website team members can use to generate health leads online
  • Members portal with HD workout videos
  • Details on joining the 30 day challenge online for new members

The website is almost complete. I’ll be running some traffic to it in order to test and make some tweaks before sharing it.

What works best though, is understanding your leads and where they come from and what they are interested in.

For example, I own a water machine in my home that I paid thousands of dollars for. To someone who isn’t looking for that type of machine or interested in learning more about why I would invest that much in a machine I’ve had since I was pregnant with my 4 yr old to spend that much is outside of their thought process.

My point is, someone you just met is unlikely to purchase something from you for thousands of dollars. Instead, you have to build the relationship. In person this is easy. You’d have micro meetings until the power moment would make its way and the deal would be made. Online, we build trust a different way.

With videos, webinars, conference calls, posts like this and social media we are able to even speed up the process but you still can’t expect someone who does not know you to get started.

So how do you build that trust so your audience can BUY?

Start With Why.

There’s a phenomenal book by Simon Sinek that is all about this topic. He dives in, example after example, of great companies, thought leaders and influential people on what made them different and how by sharing why they were doing what they did, they attracted the most loyal to their vision.

A great way to implement this is to sit and think about who your ideal audience is and what the product can do for them. How does it make them feel? Once you can identify this, it will appear much clearer how to share your product with them.

Get clear on why you began, what the product does for you and why you are passionate about it.

See people who have known me online, know my husband and I are a little… well, weird.

We eat good, work out and do our best to stay active but being behind the computer building our businesses has its affects.

I saw this as a way for me to get up, take a product that will help me have more energy to chase my 4 yr old instead of pull my own hair LOL and have time to do a work out, while having meals cooked, house chores done and whatever else needs to be done.

My point is, I started this challenge for the people like us.

We aren’t seeking perfection.

We have a group on Facebook with thousands of members all ready to support you in your dreams. If you’re interested in joining the group. Connect with me on Facebook and message me.