Welcome! Our Alchemy team is growing and tonight we are hosting a special webinar just for the people who have worked with us before. We are super excited about the Health Challenge and the more people we speak to about their health goals are loving it too.

One of the things we are receiving great feedback on is the fact people who start the challenge and create their health kit on what their body needs and their goals. Cause each person is unique!

Since starting we have hosted a live training every week. You can watch the most up-to-date training here(This recording will not be up indefinitely. Be sure to check the group.)

Here’s where we are on our current tasks and updates:

  • Members portal with HD workout videos

If you don’t see an item on the list from before, that means the item is marked as COMPLETE.

We are currently working on the members portal where you and your members can log in to see work outs and get ideas on staying healthy. Many of these workouts can be done without a gym membership. Our intention is to show you ways you can get healthy and fit in the comfort of your own home or space.

As we launch, we want you to stay involved and participate where you can. This challenge is all about being healthy from the inside.

So much of what we see online, are false images of “lifestyles” people “think” they want but in reality the people portraying these images are not living healthy lifestyles. What’s the point if you don’t feel good to enjoy it?

That’s why we are starting within.

Have you thought about joining us on the challenge?

Let us know below what your health goals are!

D Verrengia